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Contributor – Simon Vigan

Location – Manila, Philippines

Studying – Journalism



First image in the set of five images sent to Feedback Magazine is a well composed, back lit group shot of a very smiley band!  The lighting is key to this shot, and can is used in various styles of photography including studio and off camera flash.  By having a light behind the band you are illuminating them and removing them from the background.


A well composed and exposed shot, and looking at the scene, I presume you’re in the crowd?  The lighting cuts through the image from right to left, echoing the singers arm and posture, taking the viewers eye diagonally right to left through the photograph.


Another halo effect, similar to the first shot in this set, bringing out the detail of the band members.  You have done very well to achieve a good exposure in the shot, without the halo or back light looking bleached out or over exposed.  A nice crisp, sharp focus, it is a little bit of a shame that the fingers of the guitarist have been cropped out of frame.


A much brighter shot compared to the previous three, showing a bit of a change in your style.  The singer is pin sharp, however the composition may have been a little stronger shot (or cropped) in portrait orientation rather than landscape (example shown further below).  Alternatively, some post processing to really bring out the spot lights and colours on the left could take place, by burning in the backdrop a little more.


Final shot, vibrant colours, well composed with screen right in the centre in the back ground.  Cropping the photograph a little closer could improve the framing a little.

Example of how a portrait crop could isolate the singer in one of your images:


Some very strong images captured here Simon!  Looking through your Tumblr page, you are clearly shooting bands on a regular basis, and this is evident in the quality images you are creating.  Keep shooting!


Tumblr: fourstringphotos.tumblr.com

Facebook: facebook.com/iamrhy4s

Website: smnvgn.weebly.com



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