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Contributor – Luca Bailey

Location – Birmingham, UK

Studying – BA (Hons) Photography


King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys – an entertaining band live, and you have captured the reason why. You have achieved great access with a good angle, however a different angle, may have produced a stronger shot.  Some photographers use the sky as a background, and with this kind of action taking place, try filling the frame with what is taking place, so there are no distractions.  I’m unsure why the image has been converted to black and white on what was a bright day.  You’ve captured a fun shot, and with a little of work it could become even stronger.


An interesting image, but I am unsure if it has been captured at the right time or with the right angle.  You could try tweeking the levels or curves in photoshop – the image is a little too pink / magenta, with a little too much noise, probably due to a high ISO.  The guitarist on left is a little and microphone on the right are both a little distracting in the shot.  Due to the grain and colour cast on this shot, maybe this should or could have been converted to Black and White?  A slightly lower angle looking up may have isolated the singers head and shoulder too.


Image manipulation fits in with the style of imagery on Anna Calvi’s website.  Good exposure, with the image looking a little like a film still from Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”.  You have done well not to crop the bottom of the guitar in your framing, however there is still space at the top of the frame that doesn’t quite balance the composition.  It is possible to crop a little closer, which would enable you to lose the drum, mic stands and symbol on the right hand side of the image.  A little “burning in” would also darken the bottom right hand corner.


Strong, creative shot showing a bit of action on stage, with the image well framed and composed.  Back lighting from the spotlights giving detail and a halo effect in hair.  If necessary, what appears to be a microphone lead could be removed with some cloning or spot healing – this is down to photographers personal preference.


This last image is clearly your strongest of the set.  Your only shot in portrait orientation, you have framed it perfectly, without cropping the guitar at all.  The composition and lighting is very good, with the spot lights coming through and creating a good back lighting effect.  Good use of fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the head and hair.

A few tips for the future:

  • Try to work on “your style” and make it consistent between images.
  • Make sure your convert the right images in to Black & White.
  • Shoot some wider shots to feature the full band / stage



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