Are you looking to receive feedback on your music photography?  Please follow the guidelines below!

Amount: Maximum of 5 images

Size: 300dpi, shortest length 8 inches (e.g 12″x8″ or 10″x8″ image)

Info: Please complete the IPTC / Keyword information, making sure you include your name, band / artist name, location, date. Please do not delete any camera info / metadata on the files when manipulating or exporting.  If you are unable to do this, please provide the information within your email.

Web: Make sure you include all of your weblinks: website, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc

Photo: Please include a portrait shot of yourself in your contribution, 800 x 800 pixels! (Profile shot from Twitter / Facebook will be fine!)

Please use to send your images to the email address:

Drop us an email if you have any problems!

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