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Quick, back to basics – Photography Hints, it’s all in the name!

Photography 101 ISO

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – What is ISO?

ISO is the digital sensor or film sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is to light.   When increasing the ISO, a digital camera amplifies the light that hits the digital sensor, which will allow you to use faster shutter […]

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Photography 101 Apertures

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – What is an aperture?

The aperture is an opening inside the lens, which increases or decreases the amount of light allowed through.   A wide aperture means there is a bigger hole in the lens, e.g. f2.8, f2, f1.4.   The wider the aperture, the more light goes through the […]

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Photography 101 Fast Lenses

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – What is a fast lens?

Starting out in photography can be daunting.  What camera should I buy?  Should I use Canon or Nikon?  What lens should I get with it?  What about a mirrorless camera?  These are several of the many, many questions fielded by new students and their eager parents. […]

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Photography 101 Shutters

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – What is a shutter?

The shutter speed is the amount of time (usually a fraction of a second) that the camera shutter opens to allow light to hit the digital sensor or film.   The slower the shutter speed (usually below 1/30) moving objects may appear blurred in the […]

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