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FEEDBACK – Simon Vigan

  Contributor – Simon Vigan Location – Manila, Philippines Studying – Journalism   First image in the set of five images sent to Feedback Magazine is a well composed, back lit group shot of a very smiley band!  The lighting is key to this shot, […]

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Johnny Marr800

FEEDBACK – Harley Young

Contributor – Harley Young Location – Sheffield Studied – A Level Photography A good, interesting close-up shot to start the set with.  Your composition and framing would benefit from moving a little to the right; if you’re aiming to to highlight a guitar, try and make […]

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FEEDBACK – Luca Bailey

Contributor – Luca Bailey Location – Birmingham, UK Studying – BA (Hons) Photography King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys – an entertaining band live, and you have captured the reason why. You have achieved great access with a good angle, however a different angle, may have produced a […]

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Photography 101 ISO

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – What is ISO?

ISO is the digital sensor or film sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is to light.   When increasing the ISO, a digital camera amplifies the light that hits the digital sensor, which will allow you to use faster shutter […]

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Niall, thank you for taking the time out in a busy festival season for this interview.  For those students new to music photography, can you tell us about your back ground. I’m a 17 year old music photographer from St Helens, not far from Liverpool. Being […]

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FEEDBACK – Niall Lee, North West England

Contributor – Niall Lee Location – North West England Studying – Completed AS Photography, now freelance photographer! Good creative shot from what looks like an intimate gig, judging by how close the crowd are to the band, and the lack of space in the pit!  Flash […]

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Camera Gear 101 Alex Williams

KIT BAG – Alex Williams

For gig photography, I tend to have the following equipment in my camera bag: Canon 5dMk2 and Canon 7D 70-200mm f2.8 50mm f1.4 25-105mm f4 The 5dMk2 is a great camera, however I sometimes prefer the 7D in certain situations due to it having more focal […]

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Photography 101 Apertures

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – What is an aperture?

The aperture is an opening inside the lens, which increases or decreases the amount of light allowed through.   A wide aperture means there is a bigger hole in the lens, e.g. f2.8, f2, f1.4.   The wider the aperture, the more light goes through the […]

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Photography 101 Fast Lenses

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – What is a fast lens?

Starting out in photography can be daunting.  What camera should I buy?  Should I use Canon or Nikon?  What lens should I get with it?  What about a mirrorless camera?  These are several of the many, many questions fielded by new students and their eager parents. […]

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